Find Competitive Prices on Diamond Rings

Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but not necessarily big buddies with the wallet! When it comes to the relationships between wallets and diamonds, it is definitely a somewhat one-sided one favouring the diamond. In fact, they are the most precious (and therefore costliest) stones on … [Read More...]

How to Find out how Much a Diamond Ring is Worth

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the more expensive the diamond, the better friend it is! If you have been given a diamond ring, you may be curious how much it's worth without having to ask the person who gave it to you. Or perhaps you have an old diamond ring that has been passed … [Read More...]

Most Expensive Diamond Rings in the World

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5 Tips on how to find the Finest Wholesale Jewelry

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Choosing Diamond and Gemstone Rings

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How to Make your own Beaded Jewelry

Learning how to make your own beaded jewellery will not only mean that you will have a wonderful new hobby, you will be able to make your own gifts for family and friends. If you become good enough at making your own jewellery you may even be able to make and sell jewellery to turn a … [Read More...]