Open a Sterns Jewellery Account to Buy Products on Credit

If you would like to purchase Sterns products regularly, it might be a good idea to open a jewellery account to buy products on credit. This way, you will be able to buy products for yourself, as gifts for others. Or for a special occasion without having to worry about making a large once … [Read More...]

Remodeling your Old Jewelry

Do you have some hand-me down or heirloom jewelry that hits all the high notes in terms of value, but doesn’t suit your sense of style? Consider remodelling your old jewelry, taking it from drab and dated to fab and rated. Especially since the price of gold has increased in recent years, … [Read More...]

Train to become a Jewelry Designer

If you are wondering where you can train to become a jewellery designer, there are a number of courses offered by universities across the country. One of the universities in South Africa that offer a course in jewellery design is the Durban University of Technology. With this course, you … [Read More...]

Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Sterling silver Swarovski Crystal jewellery is some of the most sort after jewellery in the world. Swarovski is a brand that is established in the minds of millions of people around the world as offering some of the most beautiful collections. This is a family started company that came to … [Read More...]

Most Expensive Diamond Rings in the World

Jewellery is expensive in general, but the following are the most expensive diamond rings in the world! If you thought you were going to break the bank for your partner’s engagement ring of a mere R50 000, these prices will make you feel much better about your … [Read More...]

Tanzanite Rings

There is such a range of jewellery available nowadays, but tanzanite rings never fail to impress with their brilliant blue sheen that will make your finger stand out among the bejewelled crowd. Tanzanite is most commonly found in rings because the jewel is usually too soft to use in … [Read More...]