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American Swiss Jewellers

American Swiss jewellers have stores located around South Africa at malls and shopping areas for when you are looking at buying designer jewelery. They sell wedding rings for men and women, engagement rings, watches and a wide selection of jewelery sprinkled with diamonds. For those that … [Read More...]

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

If you are engaged or about to get engaged and you want to create your own ring, you will definitely benefit from reading the following tips on the best way to design your own engagement ring. The possibilities for what you want your ring to look like are limitless, and with the right … [Read More...]

American Swiss Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings

American Swiss wedding rings and engagement rings are available at branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. As well as shopping malls and areas of South Africa. Or can be viewed online from the American Swiss catalogue. Engagement and wedding rings are popular amongst … [Read More...]

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are available for men and women in South Africa from shops like American Swiss, Sterns and Galaxy just to name but a few popular jewelers with stores at malls and shopping areas around the country. As with most jewelry available to buy at both physical stores in SA or … [Read More...]

Unique Engagement Rings

Men and women across the world are looking for unique engagement rings that reflect their love and personality. This used to be a difficult task, but jewellers like American Swiss and Sterns have taken on the task of creating a range of designs and even offer you the opportunity to submit … [Read More...]

The Galaxy Jewellery Catalogue

The Galaxy Jewellery catalogue offers some lovely rings and jewelry. All you have to do is look through what they have. Galaxy & Co have a range of beautiful engagement and wedding rings for women as well as a selection of rings for men. Popular items in the Galaxy jewellery … [Read More...]